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August 04, 2011

It's a long story...

No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth!  I have just been really busy this summer. Farm life, youth outings, cattle round-ups and family life have just keep me way to busy.
I have been able to get in some photo time thou.  Some are not my best work but I have to keep practicing, right?
I was able to even squeeze in a quick trip to Seattle to spend some much needed family time with my daughter and her little family.  While there we had to take a road trip to some of the more important sites around town.
When I saw all the gold reflecting off the wall in the Smith and Wesson building I knew I needed the shot.  My DD though I was crazy until she saw the finished image.

What would a visit to Seattle be with out a visit to Pikes Market and the famous GUM WALL?  I don't know how this started but I had to add my two bits of chew.  

And lastly is the TROLE under the Fremont Bridge.   He's HUGE and YES that is a real mini car that he has in his hand. 
Sometimes in life ya just have to STOP and ENJOY the surrounds.  YA never know where you will find a good photo subject.

Now I hope to be adding update to my forgotten photo blog as soon as I get the yard work taken care of and the neighbors animals feed.
Next upcoming events - My hometowns 100th birthday - I am over photographing the WHOLE event.  Holy Cow what did I get myself into now?


Christina, Sweden said...

thats quite a collection of totally different kinds. I like the golden glow on the top one, the gum wall.... never heard of such, interesting but I feel a bit "yuck" looking at all the gums. the last one is fun and I like the way you mke us realize how huge it is

Gisele said...

I love the golds and the signs for the floor numbers for the first shot.

That gum wall is crazy...and gross!

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Good that you, found some time to post these ecclectic shots, I love the gun gold and think I have dated that troll's sister, but didn't know she came from SeattleLOL

Jacki said...

Three brilliant shots, love the warm golden glow of the first one, the colourful gumwall with the bokeh background is fabulous and the troll is huge.

Ashley Sisk said...

So glad to see you back...and love these photos.

Chesney said...

I am loving your unique views of Seattle...looks like a fun trip! Glad you are back, I have missed your work!

Unknown said...

It's so very nice to see that I still have some FAITHFUL followers!!! Thanks guys, it's nice to be back and read your comments. Those make it all worth while. ♥ barb

Shari said...


Barb!!! Barb!! Welcome back dah-lin'!!

I absolutely adore your Smith & Wesson gold shot. wow! Can I ask what lens you used to take it??? *wiggles eye brows*

I certainly hope to see you in blogland an little more. But only after the seasons change!

Lois said...

Three fabulous photos. I love the gold photo; the gum wall photo shows a colorful, gross sight; and the car snatching troll is fun.