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March 28, 2013


I started this blog way back in 2008. It's was a way of kept in touch with friends and family. A way of sharing my daily life. I believe it has served me well in doing that. Now there has come a time to pick something that I really enjoy doing. A time to narrow down what it is that I would really enjoy sharing with others. Time to find something that is meaningful not only to myself but to my followers. The time has come for a major revamping, a do over, regrouping, reorganizing and starting anew. In the next couple of week I will be moving to a new platform, a new name and a new site. I welcome you to continue to follow me as I open my life once again to the world wide web. What blog post would ever be complete without the addition
  of the visual impact of an image?
You know what it feels like when you don't know the difference between shutter speed, metering modes or ISO?  That's where I was back in two thousand eight.  I had just purchased my very first big girl digital camera.  I was scared, mystified and reluctant to even turn the thing on.

Now five years later I am more comfortable, I've made peace with my camera and we get along divinely.
You recall the saying "You've come a long ways baby."  Well I can honestly say that I have since taking the above image. 

I look forward to having you follow along as I start on my next NEW adventure.

Barb - aka - bobrann

1 comment:

Country Girl said...

Something I need to learn: metering modes. But yes, I can certainly empathize with your reluctance to turn on that big girl camera way back then. I turned mine on and used the auto dial on it for years until I got a new one and someone showed me how to use the manual modes. And now - like I said . . . it's just that metering thing I've got to get down.