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October 31, 2010

ABC Photo Challenge - Oct. 31 - Nov 6th Letter "H"

"I'm late! I'm Late, for a very important date!"  said the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.
So goes my life this past week, late, busy, swamped and behind.  BUT, never fail I did not forget.
I have to first tell all of you that participated in the letter "G" challenge, GREAT JOB!!  I could not believe all the different types of "G" photos that you all came up with, lots of giraffe, graffiti, the color green, and grasshoppers topped the most photographed list.  GREAT GOBS of Gooey Gopher Guts never made the photographed list, thank goodness.
Now for this weeks ABC Photo Challenge is brought to you by the letter
This should prove to be quite exciting as we just celebrate Halloween here in the states.  I would dare to bet that there will be quite a few Halloween photos in this week ABC Photo Challenge.

Now for those of you that haven't joined us before, here are the rules -
  • The Alphabet (ABC) Photo Challenge is a means of encouraging you to get out of our comfort zone, take your camera and be creative with how you see each letter of the alphabet. 
  • Each week (Sunday) we start off with a new alphabet letter, we will go in consecutive order, a,b,c,d,e etc.   
  • You can take a picture every day or just once a week using the letter as a guideline, that's totally up to you.   If you don't get one every day, don't feel bad, this is all for fun, practice and seeing the world around you in a new way.
  • Please remember to leave some love, comments and encouragement for those that are also participating in the ABC Photo Challenge, we could all use some that.  
  • You're welcome join us whenever you'd like as often as you like! 
  • You can find more information about the "Alphabet Shoot Challenge" by   Clicking Right HERE 
  • Add my ABC button to your ABC Photo, button found on the right side column of this blog.
  • Please  link-up to only the Challenge Post and not your whole Blog.  You can do this by clicking on your Challenge Posts Title and then copy and past that into the URL spot.
 My "H" photos SOOC for this week are -
 Blue Healer Hound.  Rescued from a neighbor that didn't want him.  Bear, well trained, loving and BUT dislikes cats.  Working on that one.
 Hanging out!  Sometimes you just have to line dry.
 My Japanese thorough Breed Horse, Honda.  I can cover more ground in an Hour that DH can on his Quarter Horse.
 HORNET HIVE!  Good Golly I thought that I didn't have a Hornet problem this year.  But after seeing what the built and left in my tree, I guess that I did. 
 HAY, lots and lots of HAY to get the Herd through the winter.  We had a nasty prank going around the area where Hay stacks where being lit on fire just for the fun of it.  Where do some people come up with such ideas, don't they understand where there Big Macs come from and have to eat?
 YE OL HOMESTEAD.  I spent  a good part of one whole month repainting the old place.  You Heard it here first, I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN!  Hiring it done next time
 Littlest Cattle HEARDER!  Isn't he just the cutest little thing all dressed up in His Cowboy outfit.  Had to keep reminding Him to watch where He put His feet.

Checking out the HERD! Just a few of the girls that Had their bags packed when it was time to leave the summer range.  I just wish that they were all Home and I didn't Have to go and round-up the rest of the allusive brats.  Always a few that Have to be Hard Headed!


4 Lettre Words said...

Have a Happy Halloween, Barb!

Unknown said...

thanks for the wishes1 I hope you all had a fun filled holiday.

Lori said...

Happy Halloween. Hope you had a Happy Haunted Eve. Great H photos

Seizing My Day said...

I love the Hay pic!! and Your cattle hearder is adorable!! I will link up tomorrow ... =) Happy Halloween!!

Ashley Sisk said...

I still love your challenge and your photos but have been a bit busy lately. I hope to catch up at some point. Have a great week and Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Your H's are great...but my heart goes to your little herder boy! How cute is he?

Renegades said...

Love your hanging out photo!

Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs said...

Love the H! Especially the HIVE, HAY and the precious little HERDER! Great stuff!