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May 18, 2010

Wild, Wild Life

I am taking a photography class from Brooke Snow, she's so awesome.  Love learning new techniques and new ways to do things.  This weeks homework was to concentrate on shutter speed while shooting in manual.  I procrastinated and got down to the wire of getting this done, go me.  With the threat of rain I headed out the door not knowing where I was headed or what I was going to shoot.  Should I go to the skateboard park, lots of action over there?  Should I head up to the wind mill farm, could get some great shoots there as well?  How about the park, nope, no one will be bringing their little ones when it might rain.
I ended up at the Snake River Green Belt.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the baby wild ducks.  The rush and height of the water coming down the snake and all the people that were out feeding the geese.  Good choice for practicing my shutter speed here.
Blurred Action - slow shutter speed makes for creamy water.
I don't know which I like best the slow shutter (1) or stop action (2)
Bird are just crazy.  
Using a fast shutter you can really get in and make them look like they are almost dancing.
Have you ever seen a bird yawn before?  I swear that is what this one was doing. 
Yah I'm cool and I can prove it, just look at all my pretty colors.  I bet you wish you had them don't you?
Dance of the wild goose done Canadian style.
Ah today was a good day, was so good to get out and see spring in action on the wild side.


BobbieCoughlin said...

WOW! For the waterfall, definitely the slow shutter. The gull with the spread wings is incredible, too.

Chesney said...

My favorite waterfall is the first one...the water is just so smooth and silky! Those bird captures are just just keep getting better!

~Val said...

Love that silky waterfall water! You have some great water-fowl shots, too. Your teacher will be pleased!

KarenB said...

Definitely the slow shutter speed for the water - makes it look so silky. The birds are wonderful - you've captured so many different wing formations. I can't choose a favorite - they're all awesome.

Anonymous said...

Another big like for the slow shutter speed with the water. You really aced the bird shots, the blue on what I think is a mallard is especially fine.

Clara said...

These are really wonderful. I love the waterfalls with the slow shutter. The birds in flight are fabulous, too.

Anonymous said...

What a great series of bird shots, they are quite crazy when captured at certain moments.

Anonymous said...

You inspire me every time I visit your blog! The slow shutter speed waterfall is my favorite too and all the bird shots are just super. It reminds me that there are photo opportunities out there if one just looks for them.