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October 12, 2010

EXTRA . . . EXTRA . . . ABC News Report on the Letter "G"

Do you ever find yourself totally swamped?  Well that is how it is around my house the middle of OCT. 
Hunting season is here and I have to be up to the trail-head on the 14th or is it the 13th  .... I better check on that one.  Any way due to hunting season, my being away from my computer for 9 day and no internet or cellphone service, the letter G will not be coming this next Sunday. : (
That will give you all that are playing along with the ABC Photo Challenge one week to get all you G photos taken, edited and ready for posting on the 24th of OCT.
Can you imagine going 9 days cold turkey,  no way to communicate with the outside world?   Living in a 5th wheel travel trailer, running on generator power, no phone, no TV, no shopping,  gosh what will I ever do.
My plan is to -
  1. Take lots and lots of wildlife photos, landscape photos, shoot I will probably be the only one that really gets to shoot something (that is with my trusty camera BTW)
  2. Get lots and lots of rest
  3. Finish up the Photo Basics Course lessons
  4. Take some more photos
  5. Run into Alpine and look at the Elk that are lucky enough to not be on the hunting list
  6. Do some reading, studying and research
  7. And just hang out in the wild
So don't worry if you don't see anything posted for next Sunday ABC Challenge, it is coming just delayed.
So now get out there and shoot something G fun for the 24th.


~Shari said...

OH wow! 9 days with out the internet!!! :O

Have a good time and get some rest. See you next week.

PS - I will save all my questions up for then. :)

Mama Pike said...

Wow..this is my first visit to your site and you are leaving! lol Have a great trip and I will check back. I am interested in photography.

Seizing My Day said...

um... not that I support hunting... poor bambies!! ha ha... but anyway.... have a wonderful time out in the wild! I am still having Fun with the letter F...

Carrie Cooper said...

Carrie @

Hi! Im visiting from BlogFrog--thanks for commenting on my forum post. Now Ive found your very creative blog! Im a new follower of yours so I look forward to getting to know you thru our blogs. Have a great weekend.