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March 26, 2010

83 - 03.24.10 - NIGHTTIME

Nighttime In the Neighborhood
It never ceases to amaze me but what my neighbors find to do with all the spare time.
My next door neighbor loves animals, he's a rancher by trade.  The more bazaar the animal the better he likes it.
Just this week he came home with Charlie.   Now what are you going to do with a camel here in Idaho?

His plans are as follows -
Field trips to schools
Rids for the grandkids
Pack trips in the mountains

Now the first I can see and I total agree with, BUT pack trips.  NO WAY!  I have a hard enough time going with him now and trying to ride my horse and stay on.  I don't want anywhere around him if he is bring Charlie.  I don't have anything against Charlie, it's just that horses, mule and camels can't mix on the same mountain pass.


Chesney said...

Nothing like having a neighbor with a camel...only in Idaho LOL I have to admit, this big guy makes me laugh, you can tell he is full of personality, maybe him and horses will become friends?? :)

Unknown said...

Love the pictures of Ralphie!!

Unknown said...

I hear camels have quite the temper too!