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March 26, 2010

84 - 03.25.10 - NIGHTTIME

Nighttime Driving Photography
I've seen where a person will take a flashlight and while it is dark out, light up an area with just the flashlight.  Well, I have been in the car all day photographing and upon arriving home I thought, "HEY why not do some light painting with the car headlights, tail lights and on coming traffic.


I set the shutter to about 20 seconds.  Opened up the aperture wide open and had the ISO real low.
Set the timer and rested the camera on the dash.  See what you get?  Could have been better had I been on a busier road.

Is there a law about photographing and driving at the same time I wonder?


Chesney said...

You are an artist! This is so much fun! I need to try that!

Anonymous said...

I hope you pulled over to set it up - sounds akin to texting and driving - Yikes! Nice effect though.

Unknown said...

I've done that before - but only from the passenger seat! Don't think I'd be brave enough to do what you did!