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April 23, 2009

{Day 67}

Theme #332 Tools of the Trade

I love baking and I love to collect cooking tools that make baking easier and lost more fun, if that is possible.
My newest tool or, what my DH calls it, kitchen gadget is the Bosch Mixer.
I thought my kitchen Aid was great when I got it, NOT!
My new Bosch can mix circles around it.
I can mix up 6 loaves of bread and have it baking in less than 2 hours start to finish. 12 dozen cookies in one mixing, no problem. How about 3 sheet cake at once, can do that too.
Now I am not ready to retire my Kitchen Aid as I still love to work with it.
But now that I have a heavy industrial machine in the kitchen I can do some heavy industrial cooking. There goes the diet.
Why is it that on every cooking show you only see the sleek looking Kitchen Aids?
I'll tell ya,
1. Bosch mixers are as nice to look at
2. Kitchen Aid pay to have the mixers there in the spot light.

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