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February 17, 2011

2.15.11 Chocolate

What do you do when you have forgotten to get a Holiday gift for your loved one?  Well, if you are me you go into your Holiday Candy stash.  You know that one where you statshed all those after holidays sales candies.  Good idea, RIGHT?

DH will never know that the waxy coating that is covering some of the Chocolates isn't suppose to be there.  He will eat them and love them.
Must be something wrong with his taste buds.
I wonder if the really good chocolates turn out looking like this after a year of storage?
Must take a trip to Switzerland and find out sometime.
Can there ever be such a thing as BAD CHOCOLATES?


Pitterle Postings said...

Yes, good chocolate always does that. It is one of the ways you know it was good. It can affect the taste, but usually not until it looks alot worse!

Anonymous said...

It's just the goodness rising to the top, great focus on the centre.

Anonymous said...

Way too pretty to eat!

Anonymous said...

I never can pass up the halfprice holiday chocolates either...still have some sweet tarts from a yr ago but they're individually sealed so I think they'll keep forever!