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January 20, 2011

1.21.11 Morning Routine - Shoot n Edit Week 2

Greetings blogging friends!  Well it's time for part 2 of week two's Shoot n Edit.
Here are all the details about the Shoot and Edit 2 part photo Challenge.

This week's theme or prompt was to show us one shot SOOC that says “Good Morning” to you

Today we will be linking up my edited image over at Ashley's for her editing tutorial.
Do you recall my SOOC shot that I shared on Monday?  Now you don't have to go digging for it, I will post it again.  
Here is the SOOC original.
 There were several things that I needed to do to this photo, things that I thought would improve the overall apperance.
One was to get rid of the annoying blown-out areas.  I don't know about you, but my eyes seem to always want to go to the lightest area of a photo. 
White balance was pretty good overall but could be a bit better.  
Here is how I achieved my finally edited image.
    This is the original settings                  Here is how I set it up.                      Here is my curves adjustment
These were all done in ACR.
I set the white balance by clicking on a grey shaded area which was close by the handle of the mixing bowl.
Second I added in a bit more black for contrast as shooting in raw format leaves photos looking a bit flat.
Then I added the S curve to balance out the highlights and shadows.
 I don't add any sharpening in ACR, that is don't last in CS$
This is pretty much my workflow.
1st - I ran the image through my noiseware program alowing me to remove and digital noise and to give it it first round of sharpening.
2nd -  leveles adjustment with a mask layer applied so that I could remove any bright spots.
3rd -  I used the quick select tool to select the blown out area in the upper left.  Added in a cream color and took it off where it was close to the handle and counter top.
4th - Jerry b4 Jones stained texture soft light added twice and taken off the eggs at 25%
5th - Levels addjustment and masked off the bright spots
6th - Lowered the saturation
7th - High pass sharpen
BTW - I did a crop before I sent the image to noiseware.
So are you ready to see the final out come?  I don't know about you but I thing that it worked.  Sometimes seeing photos that have hot spots, the only thing left to do it hit the delete button.  I need to try and see if I could save this one.
Here it is, what do you think, improved or not?
Here is a smaller side by side view


koreen (aka: winn) said...

I like them both. The first is simply... simple and delightful. I like the overall lightness and even the "blown out" portions -- it seems to work in this one. And then you go and edit it and turn a great photo into a work of art. Lovely! :D

Mrs Missy said...

I like the texture you added- that's my next thing to learn to do. You did a great job!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your secrets! The processing really took away some of the distractions in the background, also love that texture!

Unknown said...

you did a great job with the edit. but i love the SOOC best :-) thanks for sharing your steps - it really does help to learn along the way!


Joni said...

love them both, but i must say that your sooc was so great that you really didn't need to do much with it. the texture is nice though. great job!

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with your SOOC but I think the added texture on your edit is absolutely gorgeous & so fitting! xx

Unknown said...

Beautifully edited. I get to learn so much stuff from this SOOC linking!

Ashley Sisk said...

Really great edit - I appreciate you sharing your steps. It's helping us all to continue learning the editing process. :)

Mommy2Four said...

Oh, these are gorgeous!

Pitterle Postings said...

Very nice edit!! It looks great, I love the texture and the composition.

Carla S said...

I loved your SOOC, too, but I love playing with textures so your edit is fun also. :)

julie said...

I think the texture & crop are amazing...just beautiful! :)

R said...

they are both stunning shots. i forget that you can also edit out so much in digital photography! i just love the texture of those shells.

Anonymous said...

Great processing.

Lorri said...

I think your edit work took a very nice shot to the level of art. I would enjoy the original shot. I would print and hang the edited version.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your editing process on this shot. I do like both because I love the simplicity of the subject matter which I really had overlooked as a possible photo.