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December 13, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

 I had some time this week, something that I don't get very often, so I thought I would get some shot together for Ashley Sisk's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.
Holiday based, most of them and I had a great time hunting down things that would fit in for each theme.
So here is my rendition for -

1. Holiday Colors
  Reds, greens, golds, whites and black all can been seen at the local nursery.  Poinsettias and evergreens galore.

2. Winter/Holiday Icon
Do you recognize the holiday icon?  Look close -  do you see him now?  Just a new use for those old summer flower pots.

 3. A Tree
Close up macro of my tree which is only 18 inches tall.  Due to quilt frames taking up the majority of my living room floor, I have yet been able to put up the 12 footer.
Also enter in Lisa's Chaos Macro Monday

4. Quiet
sssshhhhh.  Don't wake him up!  He has put in a 24 hours shift and is catching some much needed shut-eye before he hits my HONEY DO LIST.  Going to have to be well rested to tackle that one.

5. My Favorite Color
My favorite color has always been RED!  Love to wear it, decorate with it and just have it tucked in here and there.  Such a high energy, romantic color.
Most of the above images were taken with my iphone therefore causing grain and blur.

Did some dear loved one by chance give you a Poinsettia gift?  Wondering what in the world you are going to do with this thing let alone keep it alive?
Well I am here with you Poinsettia Care Info.
If you have a green thumb or not, you may want to try your hand at re-flowering your poinsettia next year.  If you follow these directions very carefully, it is possible to have your poinsettia in bloom for Christmas 2011.

Full bloom.  Water as needed

April 1:
Color has faded.  Cut stems back to about 8".  Keep near sunny window and fertilize when new growth appears.

June 1:
Re-pot if necessary.  Be sure pot has drainage holes and is no more that 4" larger in diameter than original pot.  Fertilize according to directions.  Continue to water when dry to touch.  You may move plant outside under light shade if nighttime temps do not fall below 55 degrees F.

October 1 through December1:
Poinsettia need at least 14 hours of darkness every day to trigger them to bloom.  Ensure that the plat receives bright filtered sunlight from 8 am to 5 pm.  Then place in dark (NO LIGHT) 5 pm to 8 am.  Setting a box over the plant each evening or placing it in a dark room or closet every night can accomplish this.  It is also important that nighttime temperatures are maintained between 60 and 70 degrees F.  Temperatures outside this range could delay flowering

Oh and a side note:  the poinsettia is NOT a poisonous plant.  The Ohio State University has proven that the poinsettia in not lethal to humans or pets.


Anonymous said...

All of your holiday pics are so festive, you are sending some of that holiday spirit to me....and I need it - I have been a bit ba humbug this year!

All are beautiful as always Barb!

Ashley Sisk said...

These rae great - I especially love the last shot. And question about the it meant to stay indoors? My husband put ours outside and it quickly froze!

Unknown said...

Your photos look great.. Love that last one, It is so pretty. The shot of the santa clause brought a smile to my face..

Hugs, Linda

Natalie said...

I gotta say favorite color is my favorite! So nice!

Gunsside said...

A great collection, and your
color-shot is very beautiful :))