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December 09, 2010

Bokeh You Baby

Getting ready for a Christmas party. Setting up lights and Santa area. Got to make sure that all the light setting, camera dials and I remember how to drag the shutter for this session.

Going to be a very long night. Wonder how Santa's photo elves handle all those Christmas kid photos?
Little experiment here. I wanted to see if there is any difference in the sharpness when I upload direct from my computer virsus using Flickr.
The above photo is uploaded from my computer.
The below photo is loaded in from my Flickr account.

Can you tell any difference in the details, sharpens and colors?
Bokeh Baby, originally uploaded by Barb Phillips.

The bokeh photo has been added to the following photo challenges...
boken party at


Margaret said...

hard to tell because they are different sizes, I think. The larger something gets, I think it isn't as crisp? But they are both very, very similar.

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

I can't tell any difference but I'm just an amateur!!!

Ashley Sisk said...

The difference is really subtle but I love what you've done.

jillconyers said...

Cool bokeh effect. Only a slight difference in color.

Reading Allowed said...

I feel like the second one is sharper, but that might be because of the size like someone else said. Great shot!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely magical....puts me in the Holiday mood!

I think the second is a bit sharper too, but they are pretty darn close!

Uncommon Depth said...

I don't notice any perceptible difference in sharpness. Great scene and very lovely bokeh!

Anonymous said...

Live traffic feed always throws me off. I don't live anywhere near the place it always says I come from.

anyway... since the sizes are different it's hard to compare. :)


allie k reid said...

Oh I LOVE that! So pretty! Thanks for linking up! Be sure to check back at my blog on Thursday for the top 5 finalists!