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May 15, 2010

To Cool For Photos or Words

Spending the day helping out at Smithfield, Utah's Health Days was - well - interesting, exciting, challenging, warm, hurried and a long way from home.
Shooting at these types of events is a first for me.  I can usually be found close to home capturing shots of  neighbors, the farm, the hillside or my dog.
When I found out that Brooke Snow needed help photographing this week long event I jumped at the chance to help her out.  I needed the practice as much as she needed the helping camera.  This meant that I would have to leave my house at 7:30 am and drive for 2 and half hours in order to make it to the parade route in time.  I could do this, but on a Saturday, ya I could do this. 
Loaded the car, headed down I15, no traffic and the weather was perfect. 
Thanks Brooke for letting me give a help out.  Now for the photo I was able to capture.
This little guy was a real hoot.  Love the fact that this parade still gets to throw out candy to the kids, so many now days don't.

 I really hope that these three aren't the staff that I answer to, this could be a very interesting day.

Where, other than in the WEST, would you find someone crazy enough to put some cattle horns on their vintage automobile?  That's just Crazy Wrong if you ask me,  I can do with out the extra horns.

There's something special about hearing the school's marching bank.  Is it special because I was in one for, lets see, TEN years.  My gosh that sounds like a long time now.
I love seeing the kids participation.  They did everything from riding bikes, dancing in the street to skateboard surfing behind boats.
Did I mention that there was candy?  Lot and lots of candy.  I can't believe how much I saw being thrown out from all the floats, cars and parade attendants.  It would be a fair assumption to say that the lucky candy recipients went home with more than they would have gotten if they were trick-or-treating.
If your going to have a parade here in the west, one of the requirements is there must be lots and lots of horses.  Very large ones that pull heavy loads.
Medium sized horses that carry small glittery rodeo princesses.
And itty bitty horses that pull twice there own weight.  Somethings wrong with this picture.
Last but not least, as there were many, we can't forget the
Almost every other float had some sort of pageant contestant on it.  Black and White winners, Dairy girls, Health Day contestants, you name it they had a pageant for it.

Did I tell you that small town days are great.
Can't wait till my hometown has there annual  SPUD DAYS.


grandmabish said...

Your images are them all

Shannon Joy said...

Looks like a GREAT time!!!

BobbieCoughlin said...

There is nothing like a small town parade. You've done a great job in capturing the spirit of the event.

Anonymous said...

You've captured the essence of a small town parade perfectly!

~Val said...

What a fun collection of images! You've really captured the spirit of the event. (I realize I just wrote, almost word for word, what Bobbie said. Must be true!) :-D

Chesney said...

What great pics from the did an awesome job of capturing the excitement!

Clara said...

This is fabulous work, Barb. You did a wonderful job. My favorites are the little cowgirl and the pageant girls. Both are classic photos. A great job of editing, also.

Merryn said...

These are really great. I can feel the atmosphere through your images.

KarenB said...

You've really captured the joy and delight of a small town celebration. Love those beauty queens on their float!

Esther said...

Isn't it fun to watch a parade? I imagine it was more fun to be right up and close to the action. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I love these photos, Barb, and the way you presented them is really neat too. The marching band shot (that was me 30 some years ago!) and the little girl on horseback really stand out for me.