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March 02, 2010

61 - 03.02.10 - COLOR ACCENT

Accent Color - Unexpected
Remember the Green Acres Show back in the 1970'ish song, Farm Liven?

That is my life, went from farm, to city, then back to farm.  Which would I prefer,  FARM of course. 
There is never a day go by that I don't have a new challenge, a new learning experiance.
Take just this week for example.  We have been waiting for the start of our calving season, hoping that we wouldn't start when it was in below 0 weather.  We'll as nature has it, you don't always get your way, I take that back, I never get my way when animals are in the picture.
We had our first  calf okay.  Second calf, well, the mother is very possessive and will clean you clock if you even think about coming near her or her baby and came right when we are having the last, I hope, cold snap.  We had to gather the baby up and bring it into the laundry room to get it warm on the outside.  BTW we never have had to do this before.  We started slowly pumping in semi- warm water down it.  Within 1 hour from being near frozen, this little guy was ready to go find mom and get some real food.
So that is my photo for today, unexpected calf in black on white snow.


I was also able to get a accent color shot of the sunrise this morning.  Fog, mountains, trees always make for and exciting photo.


Ron a.k.a. Danudin said...

Fpr the priviledge of seeing a new born calf and hearing the tale, I can not say thank you enough! On seeing the shot first (The print is so small I could not read it without zooming in 5 times. I thought it was a labrador or something sleeping. Even enlarged the image is difficult to define, but considering his trevails I am glad you didn't disturb him further. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

Shannon Joy said...

That poor baby :(

Chesney said...

What an unexpected joy you gave this baby calf! What a cutie! I am glad he is ok! And what a nice gift you gave us...that accent color is a complete joy....beautiful and so peaceful!

billz said...

That's a beautiful story about the calf and I love the sunrise shot.