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May 09, 2009

So Good and Green

Theme #132 Growing
Asparagus season is open and the hunters are out everywhere.
I don't understand these people, they climb over your fences, massing them flat so they will never hold anything in or out again. You see these hunters holding up traffic as ma is hanging out the passenger side window trying to spy last years tail tail sings of asparagus growth.
They trespass, litter and steal your own private stash of priced tented stalks.
I think it would be much simpler if these hunters would just purchase some roots and start their own little patch, would make my life much simpler. Would make my dog happy as she wouldn't have to stand guard of the patch anymore/
So just what is this asparagus stuff anyway?
The books say - asparagus planting lasts 15 to 25 years without replanting if it is well cared. (Well mine isn't cared for, it just grows wild on the ditch banks where there is plenty of water)

Asparagus is grown from 1-year-old plants or "crowns" planted in January or February. It takes 1 year to grow a good crown. ( I don't know how long my plants have been around, I certainly didn't start them.)

It requires 3 years from the time the crown is planted until the bed is in full production. ( Mine are always producing as long as the weather is cool.)

Buds arise from the crown when conditions are favorable and develop into edible spears. ( Great in omelets or just boiled up in water and eaten slathered in butter)

If these spears are not harvested and are allowed to continue growing, they develop into "fern-like" stalks. (This only happens when it gets to warm around her and the spears start getting spindally.)


Chesney said...

Asparagus is a favorite here in my household! I didn't know they were supposed to grow from year to year - you taught me something new...

Esther said...

Asparagus rustlers? Do they get hung by their toes when you catch them or does the dog chew on them a little?

California leads the nation in asparagus production with more than 50,000 metric tons harvested annually. Most of this is marketed as fresh green asparagus. Much of it is grown just north of us in the Sacramento River Delta. We really like it when the season is upon us.

I've been looking at your blog and find it very interesting how you manage your house and family. Very descriptive photos.

mljrbg said...

Now I know why they are so expensive!! That's terrible that people are so inconsiderate and cause destruction at the same time.

Anonymous said...

When I first read 'hunters' I thought of guns not veggie poachers! lol I've never seen them growing before so thanks for the great photos! Love asparagus!