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May 07, 2009

What's To Eat

Theme #272
I have been taking account of all the food storage items that I have at home due the recent Swine Flue outbreak. I ask myself, would I have enough food in the house if I were not able to go to the market for 3 months? I have a lot of holes, items that I need to get, not enough first aid supplies, chili, ready to eat meats. The freezers are full but I have yet to fill up my 55 gal. water containers.
One of the advantages of living on a ranch is you have your own water supply, don't have to count on city water and I have my own generator.
Beef cattle are out the front door as well as potatoes, grain and corn out in the fields.
I have to admit I think I have it pretty darn good compared to a lot of folks.
Just have to get better organized and start using what I have and get it rotated


Chesney said...

Looks like you would be eating good if it came to that (better than our household anyways)! :)

Anonymous said...

Great take on the theme - looks like you're well stock.

Natalie♥ said...

That is amazing, you have a lot more than I do that's for sure. Can I just tell you how much I love to visit your blog everyday, you always have the funnest things to read about or look at. I just don't get to leave comments very often, but I think you are amazing :)