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April 14, 2009

It Spring, or Is It?

The calendar says spring but the weather isn't saying the same. I am so tired of the snow. Here it is mid April and it is still snowing.

If I can't enjoy spring outdoors I suppose that I have to settle for second best, enjoy it here.

I am planting flowers and spring-y colors all over my blog, there has to be some way to get some spring cheer around here.

I have fallen behind on getting my 365 photos posted, I have them you know, this is next on my TO DO LIST.


Chesney said...

If you are like me, your to do list is taller than you LOL!!!

Lorri said...

It's hard to motivate yourself to get on that list when the weather is still so dreary. The sun will come out soon, things will warm up and you'll plow right through the dreaded to-do list!

Brita said...

Oh spring will come! Felt like that two weeks ago and now there's no more snow. The sun just did it's job last weekend and finally I can be looking forward to finding some flowers in my garden too one day.

Madelaine said...

LOVE the new look of your blog! Seems like it's ready for spring as well!