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March 09, 2009

{Day 29} Sandy

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My Husband and I had a family friend come and visit this winter. Sandy, that's her name, hasn't been around snow, USA country life or Idaho winter sports before. So DH and I took it upon ourselves to break her in slowly. She enjoyed riding through the elk herds in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, shopping in at all the winter closeout sale and I believe she even enjoyed her go at snowmobiling by herself. She did however manage to run into a few obstacles thou. Rocks, brush and a ditch kind of slowed her up. All and all she will be ready to go at it again when or if she ever returns.


Chesney said...

Now that does sound like a really fun trip for her! Do you have anymore rooms available at Hotel BarbP?? LOL

Anonymous said...

Looks like there's no snow is that why she hit the obstacles?

mljrbg said...

I would love to see the elk in Jackson Hole!!

Sarah C. (my4hens) said...

What an awesome photo, I def think she will be back, sounds like a fun time!!

Anonymous said...

Another really neat presentation. Sounds like a fun visit!

Anonymous said...

Love the framing you've used, it's really different. Well, not much to say except ANOTHER wonderful shot!
Can I come visit next winter?

On a separate note, I never had you added to Bloglines, so I was missing all these fabulous photos. You're on now though...can't wait to see more of your work!