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March 12, 2009

{Day 31} Food Glorious Food

Theme #106 Food glorious Food!

I have really been trying to make use of the FREE classes that are offered around my community lately. The latest one was one EGG ROLLS.
I have made egg rolls before but I liked the idea of being able to be taught by someone that had actualy lived in an Asian country and knew first hand how they are really supose to made.
The class was great in fact it went over so well that 2 additional classes were held and over 100 egg rolls were made.
I went straightway to the grocers and bought all the necessary ingredients, ground pork, carrots, celery, Chinese cabbage, scallions and a little ground elk for good measure. With the help of my husband frying while I rolled the wraps, we made close to 30 egg rolls ourselves. We have been eating them for the past 3 days.
I love it went the community really has something good on its plate to offer. ENJOY!


Ron a.k.a. Danudin said...

There, was your film title "With six you get Egg Roll, but as you chose food, my comment is YYUUMMMMIIEE

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. And how neat to be able to take classes like this for free!

Chesney said...

Love FREE classes and love egg rolls even more! Hope you froze some for the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

How great that you can take free classes like this - and get fed on top of it! Yummy shot!

Anonymous said...

Ooh I LOVE egg rolls! Those look really yummy!