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January 10, 2012

Pinterests Inspirations

Most of my fans and friends know about Pinterest, the new age way to bookmark.  I have to admit that I hadn't heard of if until recently, and now I am hooked.  I like so many others use Pinterest for ideas.  Ideas for cooking, home decorating, photo editing, clothing styles.......

I personally use it for photography ideas.  Here is a sample of what inspired me today.

Sunset Vineyard, Santa Maria, California
photo by jefftangen
I love the leading line that draw you into the image, up to the sun and then back.  It's a great way to use the rule of thirds and composition. 

Red Delicious, Japan
photo by Katsumi Oyamada
Red and Green have always been a favorite color combination of mine.  Great use of shallow DOF (depth of field).  The back-lighting helps to frame the red apples making them the center of attention.

Niagra Falls Frozen Solid in 1911
photo via ellishouse
Can you just feel the cold?  This is a great B&W, wouldn't get the same feelings if it were in color.
Mountain Train, Rocky Mountains, Colorado
photo via alcoholo

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sense of motion. The overpass makes a great leading line as well as the tracks.   One amazing image.

I am not the photographer of any of the above photos, wish that I really was the one that had been there and taken that.  Check out each of the links for more amazing images and get some inspiration of your own.  

Until next time.  Keep your batteries charged and don't forget to remove your lens cap.

Side Note: you can follow my Pinterest Pins HERE.  


Shari said...

Oh Barb - I love Pintrest for the same reasons you do. A huge virtual bulletin board. (Hannah wants her own Pinterst).

The photos you have featured are simply stunning The first photo totally sucked the breath right out of me, because WOW Simply WOW.. and the colors. I love me some colors.

Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration.

Gisele said...

I signed up for an account but haven't started using it yet. I have been crazy busy at my new job and not sure I need another thing to be addicted to :-)

Those photos are fabulous.

Country Girl said...

Pinterest is a treasure trove of ideas, art, recipes, and so much more. I love your photography choices here. That cold one looks almost like an Ansel Adams.