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January 23, 2012

Morning Rituals

Morning ritual, traditions or habit whatever you want to call something that you do everyday to start the day off.  What's yours?  Do you have to making sure that the bed is made right after you get up?  Do you brush your teeth before you eat breakfast?  Sound weird but I know some people do this.  Do you have to turn the TV on to check on the morning news to help you get your daily start?

My morning ritual is BREAKFAST!!  I can't have a good day unless I have eaten something and it can't be sugar loaded.  My personal favorite is EGGS, I can eat them any way shape or in any form.

Several years ago I had a little neighbor boy that would stop by the farm on his way to the dairy with goose eggs in tow.  Could never bring myself around to trying one of those huge, hard shelled things.  DP (that's my hubby) informed me that they wouldn't kill me, in fact they are said to be quite tasty.  Still can't seem to stomach one. 

Eggs -
It’s hardly enough for breakfast.
    It isn’t enough when you bake.
It isn’t sufficient to a make meringue,
    or cookies, or even cake.
It doesn’t go far in a salad, though
    you devil it, slice it or chop it.
But it covers the floor from wall to wall
    if ever you should drop it.

I have linked the above image to Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesdays photo challenge.  If you haven't found Kim's site, I encourage you to stop by.  She is a whiz at textures and her photography is amazing as well.
This week theme is open and the image must be centered around the weekly prompt/theme and contain at least one layer of any of Kin's textures.

I've used Kim's Sand Blasted Texture along with a light brown color over lay.
Broken Brown Eggs is also available for purchase from My Etsy Shop.


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Country Girl said...

I love Kim - she is such a generous soul. Lovely photo here ~