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December 29, 2010

ABC Photo Challenge Update

Due to inlinkz charging for their services (I'm pretty cheep) and my much beloved photo challenge, 365 for 2011 picking up the ABC's, I have decided why double up on things.

For all my loyal ABC Photo Challenge followers that wish to continue on with their ABC photos you still can.

I am handing over the ABC Photo Challenge to the 365 Photo Challenge for 2011.

Here is the LINK where you can read up about the 365 photo challenge and hopefully sign-up and add your blog link.

I have to say that I have really enjoyed getting to know those of you that have been involved in the ABC photo challenge thus far.  I also hope to continue to see you and your photo at the new host spot.

This 365 Photo Challenge has been going on for many years, I have been involved since 2008.  There are many great photographers that are contributing to the 365 and I have learned much from them by just being rubbing blog shoulders with them.

I hope that this bit of news doesn't turn you off but will be looked upon as a new way to get out and meet new photographers. 

Thanks again for your support, comments and I hope to see you at the NEW (well to some of you) 365 Photo Challenge for 2011.

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