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December 29, 2010

365 for 2011

I have done this challenge in past years and will be doing it again for the 2011 year.  It's a great way to get your camera out and get shooting.
"365 for 2011", you ask "give me more details please."
I first got acquainted with the photo challenge back in o8, dabbled a bit as I got into the challenge late in the year.  2009 came and once again so did the 365 photos for 2009.  That year was a year of photo taking, lot and lots of photo practice and seeing the world in a new perspective.
2010 came and a change to the 365 photo challenge.  Now for the 2011 photo year it back to the original photo challenge setup, lots of new photo themes and new photo bloggers.

Here are the details for the 365 for 2011 photo challenge.
If you would like to join in here is what you do -
  • Set up your 365 Photo Blog (if you don’t have one already)
  • Sign up in THIS THREAD (include your blog URL or a note that you’ll be adding it later)
  • Post any questions in THIS THREAD (right where you are now)
  • The 2011 THEME LIST is posted HERE.
 Now for the 365 Photo Challenge Details -

365 Photo Challenge for 2011

Details on the challenge are given below and the THEME LIST IS POSTED HERE. Post your questions right here on this thread and sign up in THIS THREAD.

The Challenge The concept behind a 365 Challenge is to take (and share via a photo-blog) 365 photos during the year. Participants in the challenge are encouraged to visit each other’s blogs and post comments. It’s a great way to get compliments, feedback and constructive tips on your photos and make some online friends as well. You’ll find the interaction with other photographers and the quest to match themes and take 365 photos can be very motivating. We have posted a list of 365 themes to provide inspiration. Photos should relate to one of the given themes, but we’ll be including an extra 52 “wild-card” options that you’ll be able to substitute for any themes.

Your Photo-Blog Everyone participating in the challenge should set up a photo-blog to post their photos where other participants can view and share dialog and comments. Don’t let the idea of a photo-blog intimidate you if this is a new experience for you. There is a little bit of a learning curve but we have several experienced photo-bloggers that will be available to help answer questions. and are two of the more popular blog hosts (both have free options) and most participants in past challenges have used one of these. Check out both to see which you like best.

The Blog-Roll We’ll maintain CURRENT LIST OF PARTICIPANTS in the opening post of the Sign Up Thread. We recommend that you set up a blog-roll as a means of tracking when bloggers add something new to their blog. We’ll post more about blog-rolls in the participant thread once everyone starts adding their new Blog URL’s.

General Guidelines This is a quest to take 365 photos over the course of 2011. Photos should be taken in 2011. The challenge is designed to make you use your camera, not search archives for a theme match, so grab that camera and get out and shoot.

You don’t have to take, or post, every day, but keeping up with a daily (or almost daily) schedule makes it easier to keep you motivated. The point is to have fun and improve your skills, so while helps to post frequently and regularly, don’t let the pressure of daily posting dampen your spirit. We recommend using the theme list but it’s not a requirement. If you want to utilize your own list the blog-police will not be knocking on your door.

Visit the other blogs on the Participants List as often as you can. Leave a comment if a photo moves you. It’s not a requirement to comment on every photo, but it is blog-courtesy to return a visit and comment to the bloggers that visit your own blog. You’ll find that frequent commenting leads to more visits to your own blog and the comments can be great motivation so get out and check out your fellow bloggers!

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