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September 09, 2010

Photo Tutorial, Well Not So Much

I don't like using the word tutorial, my friends, family and fan might assume that I am an expert in a particular area.  Expert I am not and that goes for the area photography.  I just know what I like and a like photography.

Ever since first picking up my first ever SLR ( I've had other cameras but they were the instant kind) I have spent a great deal of my time studying, learning, researching and attending workshop to help be better understand the working of my camera and the art of photography.

Now I have many friends and family members that have found themselves the owner of a new SLR and they haven't the courage to leave the safety net of Auto.

Now lets step back the the tutorial part of this post.  I have begun writing on a weekly basis, not tutorials, but assignments for photographer.  Little tidbits of photo info that hopefully might help you understand all hows, whys or the whens of photography with a assignment attaced.

You can find the link up to PHOTOGRAPHY ASSIGNMENTS HERE

If there is a camera area that you are really having a hard time with, just leave me a comment and I will address them in upcoming Photography Assignment post.

BTW - I call this area my "Photo Assignment "because I am hoping you will try these suggestions out, learn and become familiar with a concept.  But this all depends upon you as your  the one holding the camera.

Now get out there and -

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