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September 10, 2010

Friday Photo Challenges - Sept. 10th

Friday Photo Challenges and this assignments photo might for some of you look . . . BORING!
First challenge is Macro.  To do a close up, a true Macro shot take a very steady hand.  I used my trusty tripod and set the shot up in indirect light.  I was after the texture of this item.  I wanted all the crack and crevices to be the focus.

Setup is as follows -
  1. find and clean the item
  2. clean photo area of distraction
  3. set subject up at 45degree to light source
  4. fasten camera and 85mm macro to tripod
  5. turn vibration and auto focus off lens
  6. focus on subject
  7. use + button on outside of camera to zoom in for detail info
  8. set camera to shoot with remote (shooting without would have caused motion blur from my finger)
  9. take many shots at different angle
  10. take into ACR for light edit
  11. Photoshop CS4 for crop and Unsharpen mask
Here is the BEFORE EDIT photo
Here is the AFTER EDIT photo
Interesting how something that I use everyday can become somewhat of a piece of art.  Yah Right.  Really this close up work is more work than an ordinary portrait.

BTW - looked much better before Blogspot!

There is another photo challenge going on over at Linkie Lueville's here are the details

Yay! It's Friday! And that means, it's Two Moms Made a Photo Challenge again!

TTMaPC is a weekly photo challenge put on by two best mommy friends.
Me, and Melissa of Hi, Baby.

This weeks theme is your favorite shot!
Now, it doesn't HAVE to include children, but this is a photo challenge put on by mom's
so it's always a plus! Pick you favorite photo that you've ever taken! Remember, emotions
have a bigger impact than flowers!!! (if ya know what I mean)
I though I can do this one as well beings how I have been sorting, cleaning and reorganizing my photo files.
This photo was taken a couple years ago. It's a photo of one of my grandsons.  He had had such a busy day, playing, water slides and biking that he was just "WAY TOO TIRED CORN"!


Ashley Sisk said...

I actually really like your original composition. have you tried hosting at flickr and then copy/pasting your html right in blogspot. I think blogger distorts photos.

Anonymous said...

Ya, I rarely upload through Blogger. It messes up my color and clarity. Hosting through flickr seems to work best. I also like your original composition best. Pretty color blue. Nice job. Sometimes a soft filtered indirect light helps with avoiding the highlighted "hot spots" too.

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

Love your macro.. and so glad you are in macro friday.. cause now I can link up to TMMAPC... I even like your macro edit with what ever blogger did to it. :)

Anonymous said...

Your macro looks like a piece of blue cheese! :) Way fun!

Mommy2Four said...

Macro is so much fun, isnt it? I think you did a great job! I do like the original composition, but I love the detail in the edit! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love the sponge! You can also use it for Alphabet Shoot Sunday - blue!

Justine said...

a great macro and like the edit but I too prefer the first shot!

Courtney said...

Very cool shot! It's funny, the things we find ourselves snapping shots of.

Laura said...

Neat macro shot! Love the detail! :)

Becca said...

Love your shot, thanks for all the tips too!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Love the corn photo. I really liked your sponge photo.

Charmaine Poulin said...

I love both of your shots! And your journaling made me laugh!