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September 11, 2010

SLR Class - Day 5 & 6 Barb Phillips Idaho Photography

I hate not having done something right, I hate failure.  I am been accuse of being a perfectionist.  Now I don't know where my kids would ever come up with such thinking.  BUT with this week Photography Class assignment it proved that my children, once again, just might be right about their mother.

I thought I did a pretty good job with my first attempt at Day 5's photo assignment (Contemplate Your Shot).  Set the whole photo shoot up, got the lighting where it needed to be.  I shot and re-shot until I got the perfect image, so I thought.  Word of advice, don't EVER try to do technical photo assignments when you're under DR.'s medication.  What appears then as a perfect photo undertaking now appears NOT SO MUCH.  You can view my not so well received first attempt at Day 5's assignment HERE.  Be warned, it's not so great looking today with a clear head.

DO OVER - DAY 5 - Photo Assignment - Contemplate Your Shot
I saw this shot in one of Bryan Peterson's Photography books and new that this is something that I need to try.  I had the old window frame.  I had flowers and I had the steam for the moisture.  I not going to go into detail how I got the exact shot as it would really make you wonder where my head is at.  Truthfully I really don't know where it's been for the past week due to strep but that a whole other story. 
Day 5- Contemplation - Window and Flowers
I might even have this one printed up for one of the rooms in my home now that I see it done.

Okay, moving on for today.
Day 6 - Photo Assignment -  Snapshot of My Life. 
I got this idea for my assignment from the Professional Photographer Magazine May 2010 Issue.  I need one photo that would tell, in essence  what my regular day is like.  I could have just done one photo but my life is much more that one photo.  It a combination of many things, cooking, cleaning and studying.

Day 6 - Snapshot of My Life Challenge
There is very little editing done to this photo other than expose, combining the three photos into one and sharpening.  IMHO, this is good, I really am pleased with myself for even attempting this concept.

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Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

That window photo is wonderful. I really want to try out combining photos. :)

Christine said...

Love that window shot! I've combined photos before, it's fun. Yours came out very well!

Anonymous said...

Both those photos are phenomenal - an incredible amount of planning, creative thought, and preparation really payed off. Lots better than click and go!

Unknown said...

I love this window shot! I came over from the Sunday Creative!!!

anmarie said...

The contrast of softness and hardness in your window shot is really successful! Beautiful!

Rossella said...

I love your comtemplative window. Great shot for this week Sunday Creative!

Clare B said...

I'm so impressed with both your photos. Very different effects but both really effective. I've never tried getting two (or more) of me in one shot. This is great!