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April 29, 2010

Am I Crazy - 500 quilts in 4 months

I was considering post for each of the days I was behind.   But I decided to make a movie for the days that I am behind.  You can find the video in the post just under this one.

What is all the quilting about?  Am I crazy for being involved in such a outrageous undertaking?
I thought so at the beginning but not now.  Now that all my quilts are done and my quilting supplies are put away I am feeling lost, not knowing what to do with my time. 

 Putting the video together helped me realized that I need to keep to adding to the quilt supply.
I have the supplies.  I have the materials.  I've been told by family members that I had better use up my fabric stash as they don't want it.
There has to be families out there that could use a warm quilt, one where the family can cuddle together.
This project has been very therapeutic for me.  Got me out of my house, helped me get to know some really great, talented, generous ladies.  I will miss Thursday quilting get together.
No I will continue to quilt, not on the grand scale as the past months.  My goal - one a month, sewn, tied and bound.
With everything that is going on in the world these days, there has to be someone that would love a quilt.

I will plan on doing my part to help relieve someones suffering.  I might not have all that they need but I can give a piece of my talent.
By-the-way, we not only got our 500 quilts in 4 months, we added on 300.  We delivered to the Salt Lake Humanitarian Center 800+ Twin and Full hand tied quilts.  They will be distributed all over the world for those that are in need.


Marijke said...

Nice work Barb-r-Ann!
I especially like the picture of the pin cushion!

Marijke said...

Rianna's pictures are also WAY cute!
She's gonna be just like her mom!

Unknown said...

It was a wonderful project to be a part of. I too will miss it!

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful project to be involved with - and I agree, that picture of the pin cushion is wonderful - it captures a nice sense of fabric arts.

Chesney said...

What a great cause for your wonderful and beautiful quilts to go have made many very happy!!

Nicoleann said...

What a great project to be a part of! Congrats on the tremendous undertaking! So many people will be blessed with your generocity.

Erin Gizzie said...

Amazing job! These are quilts like my great-grandma made. Brings back great memories.