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April 30, 2010

120 - 04.30.10 - Light

This post isn't for the light eater or for that matter the light heart-ed.   So if you're hungry better sit down and take a deep breath.  I am going to share one of my favorite thing to eat.
Drum roll please . . . Pizza I am a fan of good Pizza.  
I don't like that wimpy, tasteless, bland, cardboard stuff that some places try to pawn off a Pizza.  For me a pizza has/must  have peperoni.  Pizza has got to have the spice the burn IMHO to be any good.
If you ask the other half of the family, they much prefer Canadian bacon, shrimp and pineapple.  Where did he ever come up with such a bland, tasteless combo anyway.
My fave has a double trust, Italian sausage, peperoni, Salomi, olives and lost of cheese.  I though of sharing a slice with you all that are visiting my post but I couldn't get the slice to fit in the slot on the PC. Sorry, you will just have to settle for a picture. 

Hey it's Friday night, you know you could go and get you own if I've made you hungry.
I also like eating a big juicy steak or a decked out beef hamburger.  Perhaps I will post those next time.


Shannon Joy said...

That looks scrumptious! I can taste it from here :).

Chesney said...

Absolutely luscious!! Yummmmm!!

~Val said...

Hey, Barb! Welcome to group A! Stopping by to sample a little pizza. Looks delish!!

Merryn said...

My favourite is a Aussie with pineapple. It has tomato paste on the base then lots of shredded ham, bacon, cheese, eggs and then sprinkled with pineapple pieces.......yummm.

Anonymous said...

Looks good! Need smell-a-vision!