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May 01, 2010

121 - 05.01.10 - Passage of Time Up Close

Dropped my Hells Half Acre on my way home from Springfield, Utah.  I been by here several times, as this is where one on the main rest stops are between the Utah border and home.  I happened to have my camera with me and some time.  I thought, why not I might find something worth shooting.
There is a really great paved trail that wonders all over the lava beds.  Seems strange to have a lava out-cropping right out in the middle of potato fields, but that's where it at. 
Wondering around and exploring gave me a chance to to unwind from my 5 hour drive.  Gave me time to contemplate where I want to go with my photography.  Ideas on where I need to go and what classes I need to take.  Some times you just have to stop, get away from everything and clear your head.
Now back to my photo.  While wondering around the lava field I noticed that all the trees there are Junipers and they are growing right out of the lava.  CRAZY!  Came upon this tree that never made it through the winter.  I could tell as it still had last years berries on it. 
So this is my photo the passing of a Juniper, it had a rough start from the get go.
Had to use my 300mm as that is what I had on my camera.  Wish that I had put my macro on for this one.♥


Chesney said...

What a great idea for the theme...I love the soft image, it is very dreamlike and very eye appealing!

Ron a.k.a. Danudin said...

Looks great, I doubt the macro would have done that much better.

Anonymous said...

The colors in this one are superb! Dreamy photo. I'm glad to be in your May-June group, Barb.

Anonymous said...

Dreamy is the word. Great photo with superb clarity in the juniper berries. The rest a bit more soft and that gives it character.

Clara said...

I actually think that this is a great macro, Barb. Love the colors in this image.

BobbieCoughlin said...

The colors make it look as if you'd shifted the colors in the computer--cool to know that's the way they are.

Lesli Peterson said...

The shallow DOF does wonders for this. I think the green background is the perfect companion to the plant and berries. This is a beautiful shot. I would hang this in my home.