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March 23, 2010

82 - 3.23.10 - NIGHTTIME

What do you do when it is snowing, blowing, raining, foggy all in the night and time you had plans to go out and shoot some night-scapes?  You did in the months archives and find something that fits the assignment.
Is that called cheating?  I hope not as the photo was taken this month.
I had my hopes all set to going to Jackson, Wy. But do to weather conditions being so terrible and driving on slick roads is something I really don't relish doing, I had to put those plans aside till Wednesday.
I could have post the photo I took of DH watching the Heath care debates but that was a bit much.  Got to get past the fact that I am now going to be paying not only for my own heath care but I'll be picking up the tab of others.  GRRR.
Back to my photo for the day.  It is the sun setting behind the Idaho Falls LDS Temple.  Another sun flare photo.
f/16 @ 1/4000 -1EV 50mm 100ISO
I sure hope the weather co-operates tonight as I have bid plans.  Just got to study up on how to do it thou.


Anonymous said...

Beatiful. I'll join you in the night shot challenge. I would love to get better at capturing moving traffic at night, glowing downtown city buildings, etc...

Chesney said...

LOVE this cool...I am glad I didn't miss this one (and I owe it all to your weather)!

karren said...

I just found your blog...Love it.
I was just thinking tonight that I should get temple shots at night. I'm surrounded with temples here in Sandy UT.