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March 22, 2010

81 - 03.22.10 - NIGHTTIME

f/16 @ 2.5 800ISO 50mm
Tying this week to get better night shots without a flash.  Wide open, slow shutter speed and low ISO is what I have read for getting a good night shot.  Oh, a tripod and a remote is a must have.
While checking the new calves last night, I noticed the lights as they laminated the hay stacks.  I could have lightened up the photo but I am partial to how the stacks are the only things really visible.
Note to self -
Get a shot of the full moon.
Get a shot of the milky way.
Get a shot of motion.
This is going to be a challenge as I have to throw in a umbrella and packages in the mix somewhere.
BTW - no filters, actions or PP'ing.  Just shot, sized, sharpened and shared.


Erin Gizzie said...

Oh I'm going to watch this challenge for you closely. I too want to try some night photography at some point this summer. I love this photo of the hay!

Chesney said...

Beautiful how the haystacks just glow in the dark...nice addition of the star filter...very cool! Can hardly wait to see the rest of your "resolutions"!

HealBalanceLive said...

I like what you did with this too, sounds like you are learning, I can't wait to see your more advanced shots.

Christina, Sweden said...

Great nightshot!

Looks like twinkling stars
sure would like to be able to make a similar one......

christina, sweden

Shannon Joy said...

So very cool!!!! Now this is on my every growing list!!!

Dspec01 said...

Wonderful shot!

Anonymous said...

Good choice to leave just the haystacks illuminated. I like the star effect on the lights.