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February 24, 2010

55 - 02.24.10 - CATCHLIGHTS

Catchlight - Luscious
There is just something about a red ripe tomato. 
f/10 @ 1/200 400ISO 85mm Macro
This is one reason that I miss summer, not being able to go out to my garden and pick tomatoes that have ripened on the vine.  I think the warm summer sun has to add something to the taste.  Store bought tomatoes just don't taste as good as home grown.   

I love a good fried egg and tomato sandwich, a taste I acquired while growing up.  Toast the bread smear it with mayo and you have a meal that is timeless in my book.


Chesney said...

We eat those sandwiches all the time - yummmmmmmm! What a great image...those water drops and the clarity on the top of the tomato are awesome...I am now craving salsa!

Anonymous said...

That sounds delicious and your photo is tops too!

BobbieCoughlin said...

I can see this as the illustration on a brocure for the local farmers' market. It just looks SO fresh--just aching for a splash of olive oil and a few ribbons of sliced basil.

Anonymous said...

Such a great crop on this one. The lighting is great and I love the drops of gold that the water makes.

Clara said...

An excellent picture. The light is perfect andthe water droplets add so much to the image. A great crop that really enhances the best parts of the tomato.

Dspec01 said...

I love the composition - the tomato filling almost, but not quite, the frame; the sharpness of the top of the tomato coupled with the drops that are just out of focus; and the bright red of the tomato.

The sandwich sounds pretty good!