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April 02, 2012

What's In A Name

I will be the first to admit it, I am terrible with names.  I will recognize someone by face but to put a name to them, well, it's not going to happen.  You can tell be a hundred time, well maybe not a hundred, and I will have forgotten as soon as the words have left your mouth.

So where am I going with this, "WHAT's In a NAme theme?  I am contemplating on putting a REAL name on my blog.  Getting a REAL blog name that is registered.  I've checked in with GO DADDY to see what is available and all the GOOD names seem to be taken.  Lag ya loose pops into mind.

I've racked my mind on trying to come up with a good, short, catchy and easy to remember name and haven't been able to come up with anything yet.

I was wondering if I could ask for some friendly blogger help her?
Those of you that frequent my blog can you help me out here?

Here's ten blogger tips that you might take into consideration for blog name ideas-
1.  Has something to do with photography, as that is the number one reason that I started this blog
2.  My name is Barb Phillips (most blogger friends know me as bobrann)
3.  I live in the wild west on a cattle ranch

4.   I am a farmers daughter, my father, grandfather ..... were all farmers
5.  I love cooking, any type of cooking, grilling bbq, dutch oven you name it I've cooked it.
6.  I am a grandma of 11
7.  I am the middle girl of 4 girls
8.  I love winter, spring and fall.  Summer not so much way too hot
9.  I am a cancer survivor
10.  I am more of a tomboy, cowgirl, lover of dirt than frills and girly things.

If you have some suggestion I am all  ears  eyes.

I really hate change but Barb's Photo Journal is just a little to BORING for me.

Now what is a blog post without a photo?
Todays photo is of my old dog Squirt.  She's a Australian Sheppard, one of the cattle dogs that we had on the ranch.  Notice I typed HAD?  Squirt passed away last spring, she's been gone a year now and I miss here. 

Squirt wasn't the most obedient dog that I have/had.  She was just so good with the grand kids.  I never had to worry that she might get a little aggressive.  I knew that whenever the grand kids came for visit they would be watched over by Squirt, she was just the mothering type of dog.

Good dogs are hard to come by, most are just to rowdy.  I now have two cattle dogs, MAX a border collie and BEAR a blue healer that have helped fill the void but there will always be a spot for Squirt.

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Anonymous said...

I had exactly the same conundrum when setting mine up (I am still not sure!). I hope you come up with one :-).