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April 01, 2012

Blogs, Comments and Google+

Have to get this out in the open first thing.  I am not an expert in the are of Google+ by any means.  The information that I have found I've gained via Google searches.

Recently I received an email asking me how I connected my blog account to Google+ .  How did I get my blog post to show up on My Google+ page

I had to do some hard thinking on that one as I couldn't recall what I had done when Google offered up the Google+ accounts.

After doing a Google search I found the answer.  I am sharing it here for those that haven't yet connected their blog and their Google+ account.

You can find all the answers and the how to by visiting the Connect to Google+ page  or you can just do the following.  I know that these steps work for blogger faced blogs, not so sure about the other blog hosting sites.

1.  Click on Design on the top upper right hand corner of your blog.
2.  Click on Settings
3.  Click on Posts and Comments
4.  Right under the Post header you should see the 4th option Share To Google+
5.  Click Yes if you want to share your post on Google+ or leave on No if you would rather not.
This is what the Blogger Post and Comments page looks like.  I've highlighted the area that you will want to change. 

You can find Me On Google+.  If you want to add me into one of your circles I would be honored.

While you're at it why not change your Word Verification to NO,  just makes leaving comments to your blog a little more hassle free.

Hope this helps clear up the Blogger/Google+ confusion.

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