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January 08, 2012

Seeing Double

While searching the web yesterday, no really I was just reading through Pioneer Woman's Blog,  I came across what I thought looked vaguely familiar. There from one of her followers was a post about a dog named George.  This blogger must really love George as she has given him his own blogspot.

I couldn't help but shoot of an email to the Country Girl and inquire about her dog and let her know that I have his sister, MAX (short for Maxine).

Much to my delight, Country Girl contacted me this morning wanting information on MAX.  Country Girl wanted to see photos, she wanted proof to back of my claim of a dog look alike.
Did I have any photos of my beloved cow dog?  Had I posted about Mas before?  I'm sure that I had but where was it, where were her photos.  After some time doing a thorough photo search, just another reason to use tags in Lightroom, I finally came across one photo.  It's not the greatest, I recall the Max is very, very camera shy.  In fact whenever she see me with my camera she runs and hides.  What's up with that?

Any way, you decide if I don't have George's twin.  Check out Mas and then head over to George's page and compare.  The only noticeable difference that I can see is George is a whole lot cleaner.

Note to self:  Get Max to the dog wash and get Max and her BFF Bear their own blog page.


Country Girl said...

Oh, I am laughing out loud. She is lovely!! And she sure looks clean here. The reason I asked is because after you wrote me, I looked on FB for her photos and couldn't find any. Didn't know you had a blog too. I've added you to my blogroll so I can visit regularly.
Nice to meet you and hey - thanks for the shout out.

Crystelle said...


Anonymous said...

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