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August 17, 2011

New inspiration - Temple By the River

What do you do when you want to get out your camera and photograph something but everyone and thing runs for cover?
Here is what I do.  I hope in the car and drive to the river bank early before the birds leave and the people mob the place.
To day I had the privilege of photographing the Snake River green belt area with a new friend.
I met Linda a little over a year ago and we had for awhile planned to get together so that I could help her out with her photo skills.  Ya, you read that right, someone wanted ME to help them figure out their camera.
I stayed up half the night going through my mind what I might teach her.  What did Linda all ready know how to do already and how could I in two hours help her understand the photo triangle.
I decided that going all out on Manual Mode was the best bet.
Well we met up, shot (me anyway) a couple hundred images and spent some money at the photo store.
Having the oppurtunity to help out a fellow photog really makes you THINK!
Thanks Linda for the great time and the opportunity to share my love of photography.
Before I close this post, here is the photo of the day.
I love the white of the Idaho Falls LDS temple as it peaks through the dark green foliage.  The added bonus is the falls that cascade out from the bottom of the frame.
Untill tomorrow, I really need to get my Founders Day photos edited, burned and shared.
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Chesney said...

Very inspiring...a truly beautiful composition!

Ashley Sisk said...


Lois said...

Beautiful composition.

Christina, Sweden said...

I liek the composition lots of details and combination och central buildings against nice trees and water

Nancy P said...

This is the best photography blogs..
nice pic.!!!Great work and thank you so much for sharing.....

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CE Marking said...

wow!!!photo is awesome ! Thanks for sharing