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April 25, 2011

A Necessary Must Read ~ Getting Back To Photography Basics

When was the last time you read through your cameras manual?  Every workshop that I have ever attended, the first thing that they ask is "have you read your camera manual?"  Well have you read it, do you even know where it is?   

I find that it very interesting that some of my close associates that come to me for photo help haven't even cracked open that little manual.  Now come on, lets be honest here, how can you REALLY improve your photo skills if you haven't even taken the time to read your cameras operating manual.
I know that it's not the best read in the house, but in order to understand how to set up your camera, it a must read.

Your cameras manual is your number one resource in getting to know your camera and what it can and can not do.  Secrets will be reveled, windows will be opens and light bulbs will go on if only you take the time to REALLY read thought your camera manual.  Reread it, dog  ear it, underline and highlight areas that you want to refer back to. 

Like anything in life, to be successful in an area you need to read up and study, right?  So it is with your camera.  In order to really use your camera well and with ease you need to know what it can do.

I feel that is is important for any photographer starting out or even for those that have been shooting a while, to know how to adjust settings on your camera and why.

Here are a few important camera areas to find and read upon in your manual:

  1.  How to change your shooting modes (Auto, Auto Presets, Program, Aperture, Shutter and Manual Modes) and why and when to use each.
  2.  How to change your White Balance setting, what settings does your camera offer?
  3.  What wheel or dial controls the aperture settings and which wheel or dial controls the shutter speed?
  4.  Where is your ISO setting button or dial?  Do you know how High and how Low your ISO's can be set for your camera before you loose picture quality?
  5.  How about your cameras exposure compensation button, this will come in handy and you really need to know where it is located]
  6. Does your camera have a Flash compensation button?  Read up on this handy little button as it could be a flash saver.

These are just a few items out of many that you will find as you read up on your camera photo abilities.

So - if it's been a while or if you have never taken the time, go and find your cameras manual.  Get yourself comfy and start reading, highlighting and REALLY getting better acquainted with your camera.  Better now than never.

If you enjoyed this BACK TO BASICS tip, leave me a comment and tell me what you've learned I'd love to know.

Do you have a photography idea or problem that you would like featured in an upcoming BACK TO BASICS post,  please post in a comment?

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JobaScraps said...

got this bookmarked so i can study it