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February 23, 2011

2.19.11 School

You never know!  Nope you never know what you will find just around the next corner.
I would never have guessed that someone would have thought to park some very old vintage buses out in the open dry farming area.
Wonder why they choose this place?  There aren't any schools up here, no children for miles.
How did they get them here, what were their plans for them once they got here?
Looking at this old bus gives a new perspective on "The Wheels On the Bus..."
I don't think that this old buses wheel will be going round and round any more.


~Shari Fox said...

OoooOh! what a cool find!!! Love you shot! Oh I want to come across some old vintage school buses also.

Gisele said...

Great find! I'm surprised animals haven't made a home in there

Lois said...

Great for the theme and nicely photographed.

Anonymous said...

I love this grungy bus, the textures are so cool!

Anonymous said...

I think this bus has seen better days and will no longer be the site of children's laughter. But a great photo nonetheless.