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December 19, 2010

liven life to the fullest

Are you too busy to really enjoy liven life?  I think not, I love my love and all that I’ve been given. 
My children have classified me as being a bit on the crazy eccentric side.  “MOM!” they say “can’t you just act your age?  Gee Wiz.” 
My grandkids, on the other hand thing they have the COOLEST Grandma ever. 
I’m not afraid to get out and ride the board, where does their dad think he learned to ride.
Not afraid to get out and get dirty, my mud pies are the bomb. 
I’m afraid of a good water fight as long as I get to handle the water flow.
In fact, I’m not even afraid of a little cold weather, in fact that’s what this gal lives for.
I LOVE WINTER!!  You read that right.  Summer heat, can’t stand it.  Spring mud don’t like putting up with it.  Fall, well falls all right as long as I get to go on my week long hunting trip.  But WINTER, winter is what I live for. 
I grew up being a avid down hill skier.  As many weekends as I could get away with, you would find me carving up the slopes.  Not that sissy cross country stuff, no I had to have the black diamond, moguls and powder. 
Now several years later I find that the draw of the down hill has been replaced my the roar of my snow machine engine.  I have replace my k-2’s with a Polaris 700. 
I never dreamed that I would ever be giving up the love of being the first to carve out a train in unmarked powder but I have.  You could blame it on age or perhaps that I have found a new love for unmarked territory that no skier can get to but my skiing days are over.
My new love that of the snowmobile has taken me to areas that I would never be able to get to.  I have been able to witness winter in the REAL back country.  I have seen wildlife as they try to carve out survival in the deepest, coldest of winters.  I rescued the lost.  Helped to find the misplaced.  Listened to real winter sounds and surveyed summer trails now deep in blankets of winter white.
Crazy, yes I must be.  You can not really witness the real winter spirit without being a bit on the crazy side. 

I am REMEMBERING WHEN this photo was taken.  WINTER had hit my part of the area making everything in sight B&W with the exception of a few SELECT COLORS.  Along with WINTER came the WIND.  WINDS that blows the WINTER snow into all kinds of interesting snow sculptures.  The WIND that helps to cover the country side with a WINTER blanket of snow FRAMING areas that would be overlooked had it not been WINTER.  Times REMEMBERED WHEN friends and family had good WINTER times FRAMED by BLACK and WHITE goodness despite THE WIND.

  The Paper Mama


Ashley Sisk said...

I love your photograph but I can't share your love of winter. I'm an autumn girl myself.

Reading Allowed said...

I love your photo and I also love winter, but for very different reasons. I'm more into being cozy inside with a book while it snows outside :)

Pitterle Postings said...

Oh, I love it!! I wish it looked like that here right now!! I so need a white Christmas.

Seizing My Day said...

That is SO beautiful!! I love winter... in short bursts!! ;)

jillconyers said...

Beautiful photo. I like winter just to take pictures for a few days. Then I want it over.

4 Lettre Words said...

This is so lovely, Barb! Wow.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you have taken up snowmobiling....I would have hated to miss this beautiful scene! So pretty!

Margaret said...

We remember moments... love that sentiment. If you don't mind, I might borrow this line for a poem. It really resonated. I will give you credit and link people back to this post. Your post, really, is a poem, really. I love the way winter sculpts things that we don't even give a second glance the rest of the year.

Susan said...

Beautiful Photo! I always loved going out on the snowmobile, and creating new trails!

Anonymous said...

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