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December 21, 2010

fruit & seltzer water: the how-to

Saw this great photo that Karli of Bonnie 5 shared in yesterdays challenge post. She was kind enough to make up a tutorial on her photo setup.
I am sharing her setup in hopes that you my friend will go out and try your hand at something fun. I first saw this process done by Bryon Peterson, tried it and loved it.

Here is Karli's great orange seltzer photo tutorial - ENJOY and don't forget to visit her site.
fruit & seltzer water: the how-to: "Alrighty friends, I have the Tiny Tornado whirling through the house and another one home from school with tummy I had to decide between visiting everyone back or posting a tutorial on the orange picture I did yesterday. I opted for the tutorial, so I hope you don't mind a collective thank you. Thank you guys! :-) I know I've said it before, but I'm so humbled by your encouraging words! ♥

OK, here's how I set up the orange slice shot:


And a different angle:


I used seltzer water (gross! - I only purchased it for this picture)...or you can use any clear soda. If you want more bubbles, add salt. I used a skewer to keep the orange in place. Science isn't my forte, but I knew it would either sink or float (not sure which), but I knew it wouldn't stay nicely in place.

I used my 100mm macro lens, and my settings were:
manual mode
ss 1/100
ISO 250

Here's an important tip!!! Unless you have a high tolerance for frustration, please learn from my mistake and don't even TRY this in natural light. This is a flash shot. I must have moved my vase around 50 times, but the natural light from the windows kept streaking across the glass.

This is how I set up my shot, but not where I set it up. I actually ended up hiding behind the island in our kitchen where no light would hit the glass. I bounced my flash off the ceiling.

That's pretty much it. Just shoot straight through the glass and voila!


Thanks again for your comments yesterday and have a great Monday! :-)


Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

Oh thanks Barb - I appreciate the shout-out! :-) I'm glad you liked it - pretty fun once I moved it away from my windows - LOL! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Margaret said...

Love love love this. Just beautiful! And I'm glad you posted your frustration and hardships with this shot. Sometimes I think I'm the only one!

Renegades said...

That is a super cool photo!

Seizing My Day said...

WOW... Can I come over and play?? ha ha!! Beautiful!! LOVE this!