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November 18, 2010

Thursday Inspiration

"A person is a success if they get up in the morning and gets to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do." - Bob Dylan

I'm inspired by that quote.
Some-days I feel that is all I have gotten accomplished is getting up and then going back to to bed and that is it.
This time of the year is so hectic!  With all planning for family holidays, meals, cleaning, more meals, lot more cleaning, shopping and TV commercials saying buy this and buy that.  It no wonder that people are, crancky crabby and short tempered. 
Have we just piled our plates so full that we can't even enjoy what were eating?
I am going stock in what is important this holiday season, what really needs to be done and let the rest slide.  It's not important that the best of the best meals get prepared.
Now isn't the time for me to drag out the ever growing collection of cookbooks, scourer the pages to find just the perfect new recipes to try on the family.
Now isn't the time to get all those handmade, handcrafted, made from mom gifts done.  Those should have been thought of  last summer when times were slower, not now.  Will I be fired if the gifts aren't handmade this year?  I don't think so, no one wants my job.
Now isn't the time to rearrange, redecorate or do fixer- uppers to the guest rooms. The guest wont mind what they've don't know wont hurt em.  I'm putting that on the to-do list for next spring.

Now is the time to enjoy, slow down and experience the seasons.  I am not going to run around with half a dozen things on my to-do list.  I am going to take time to smell the flowers.
I am going to have my plate empty this holiday season, allowing me room to slow down, time to take in all of the season.
 I am going to go places, see things that I haven't seen before.  It's not that their new or far away, I just never really take the time to see what is just out my back door.
I am going to be more grateful, more aware, more conscientious of this great area that I have been bless to live in.  I truely have been blessed.  I am going to spend time with family, friends and neighbors.  I am going to read a little more, listen a little harder, sing a few songs and enjoy the ride.
Yup, I am going to take her slow this holiday season, just hope I have the rest of my families support on this.



Kate said...

Great reminders, Barb. Something we all would do well to pay attention to.

Ashley Sisk said...

Those are really words to live by. Thanks for the reminder.

Pitterle Postings said...

Love it. I sometimes hate the hecticness of this season. I love the season, I just wish it went by a little slower.

Truth said...

Beautiful photos that depict a quiet, calmer, slower pace in life. Very appropriate for your wish to slow life down.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sentiments and what drop dead gorgeous images...your post inspired me! :)

Our Beaten Path said...

Your photos are beautiful Barb...And I agree, thats what the holidays are all about. I'm sure your family will understand. :)

Reading Allowed said...

Great quote, great photos, great sentiment. Thanks for the reminder to slow down.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous Shots!

Knowly said...

I'm giving you an award because I really enjoy your site...and the alphabet challenge. Head over to my blog to pick it up. :)