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September 09, 2010

Signs, Signs Everywhere a Sign - Barb Phillips Idaho Photographer

Over at "You Capture" today the Photo Challenge is for Signs.

I love to find old signs, they are just so nostalgic.  While helping to put away equipment and clean up a neighbors yard, I came across this old sign.  I am waiting with all fingers crossed that he will let me have it.  Please, pretty please with sugar and cream.
So what is a Standard Dealer, what's the story behind the sign?  From what I can gather it was a oil dealership that was here in the area that is no longer in business.  I have to rescue this sign for sure now.  Even more so after finding out what it worth $$$.

Now it’s your turn to share!  But first, be a dear and read these guidelines, they’re important, I promise.
1.  Anyone can join in on the challenge at anytime.
2.  Please make sure the photos you use were taken for the challenge, meaning do not search your archives for an appropriate photo.  The goal of You Capture is to get you out taking photos each week!
3.  Use YOUR photos.
4.  When linking up, only link to your You Capture blog post, not your main blog URL.   (incorrect links will be deleted.)
5.  You MUST link back to You Capture in your post.
6.  I encourage you to visit other participants and leave comments.  This is a great way to meet new friends!



Ashley Sisk said...

So did he let you have it? I saw a sign on someone else's blog with my last name in it...I really wanted that one!

Susan said...

I like it that you took the shot where you found the sign, great contrast! I hope you are able to rescue it.