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September 16, 2010

Fall Photography Shooting For Success

 Fall color landscape tips:

  •          Keep your ISO low,
  •          Use matrix or evaluative metering
  1. Matrix metering (Nikon) is best for most general subjects, (you will find my camera most often on Center-Weighted metering)  because it is able to intelligently analyze a scene and make an excellent guess of what kind of subject you're shooting a great deal of the time.  the camera can tell the difference between low-contrast and high-contrast subjects by looking at the range of differences in brightness across the scene. 
  2. Evaluative Metering (Canon) explained Here
  •          Use a good tripod (Remember, turn Image Stabilization or Vibration Reduction OFF while on a tripod)
  •          Use Aperture priority mode. Set your ISO, set your aperture for depth of field, shoot away!
  •          Make sure to use your white balance correctly. Sunny when it is sunny, cloudy when it’s cloudy.
  •          Use your color modes in your camera to bring out those vivid reds, greens and blues. “Vivid” in Nikon, “Landscape” in Canon. (make sure to switch it back, it will give portraits a red cast and over saturated)
  •          Use Circular polarizer’s or Neutral Density filters to enhance clouds, bring out colors and get rid of glare. These are invaluable tools in fall color shooting.
  •          Shoot the first hour and last hour of daylight.
  •          Look for what we call the blue hour, right before sunrise and right after sunset for the best look.
Above Fall Suggestion by Perfect Light Photography Store   
My all time favorite store, teacher and mentor.  Thanks Chris B.
Good Luck with all of your fall portraits, landscapes and wildlife images!!!

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Ashley Sisk said...

How often do you use matrix or evaluative vs. spot metering. I've always used spot metering because I felt like there wasn't enough contrast. But I may have to try these tips.

Unknown said...

Ashley the way that I most often have my camera set to is CW metering - Single Focus - Auto White Balance - AFC - Raw+JPEG basic I will change the Picture control from Standard to vivid for landscape and Portrait for people

I use the 3d tracking for birds, children or fast moving objects. Does this answer your question? I shoot with a Nikon and I know that Cannon can be set up the same, they just have different wording.

Anonymous said...

Great photo. Thanks for the tips.

One Photo said...

I love the photo and your tips are great, I have not yet really played with the landscape setting in the way you suggest so will give it a try.

4 Lettre Words said...

Love the tips...and gorgeous capture!

Margaret said...

What a wealth of information. I have everything to learn - it is mind boggling. I will have to return again band again and use your tips. Hope to join your challenge too. How fun.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so glad I found your blog! Cant' wait to read more.

PhotoMom ♥ said...

This is a gorgeous photo!! I absolutely LOVE fall and can't wait for our leaves to start changing!! Thank you for the tips!