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September 04, 2010

Alphabet Shoot Challenge - Photo Challenge - Letter A

 Alphabet Shoot Photo Challenge is a means of encouraging us all to get out of our comfort zone, take our cameras and be creative with how we see each letter of the alphabet. Each week (Sunday) we start off with a new alphabet letter, we will go in consecutive order, a,b,c,d,e etc.

You can take a picture every day or just once a week using the letter as a guideline, and post it on that weeks challenge thread. If you don't get one every day, don't feel bad! This is all for fun, practice and seeing the world around you in a new way. Feel free to leave comments, as we need encouragement. You're welcome join us whenever you'd like as often as you like! Now lets get out there and shoot something.

This weeks challenge (September 5th-11th) is brought to you by the letter
To find more information about the "Alphabet Shoot Challenge please visit  Right HERE.

A is for ACROSS.  Sometimes it's just easier to wade ACROSS the creek than to go over.
 A is for Agriculture.  If it weren't for all those hard working farmers where what would we be eating?
 A is for Apples seeds Maco style.
 A is for Astronomy
 A is for Action as in Action figures
 A is for Annuals that will be gone from my garden after the first frost
 A is for Amber waves of grain.
These are just a few examples of  what the letter "A" could be.  

Now it is your turn to share you Alphabet shots. What will your interpretation of this weeks letter be?  
Be sure to upload your pictures on to your blog or flickr and link us up at the bottom of this post.  Feel free to grab a button to display on your blog, which you will find on the right top side of my blog. The inlinkz will stay open through out the remainder of this week , closing Saturday night 12 midnight wherein a new letter will selected and start on Sunday. The new Alphabet letter will be randomly selected by a unbiased 3 year old.
I hope that you find this challenge fun and exciting and I  look forward to photo blog hopping with you.  Remember practice makes perfect so just keep a eye to the lens.


Christina, Sweden said...

your A-themes are great, how can we compete with them ;-) however.... I might try to post something, always nice with challenges even though I participate in lots of those....

Ashley Sisk said...

I think I did this one wrong...oops. I think I understand now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Next Week I will be more prepared and hopefully more creative. :D

Unknown said...

Ashley will all that you have on your plate, I will forgive. Sarah hope to see you next week with your "B's" Fotobloggen, not competition here.

4 Lettre Words said...

Love your choices...and I'm happy to join in!

Dawn said...

I love your blog and challenges. Dina at 4 Lettre Words sent me over. I've added you to my blog roll. I'm looking forward to doing the Alphabet Challenge. =)

Charmaine Poulin said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower & just entered your challenge (a little late this week....).

Anonymous said...

You are definitely an "A" type of girl...these "A"'s are incredible! Great creativity!