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April 05, 2010

95 - 04.05.10 - Four In Motion

Four In Motion
While crossing the Snake River bridge after a photo shoot.  I happened to notice off to the left what I thought to be snow geese.  Thought it was odd for there to only be four of them.  Upon looking closer I realized that they weren't snow geese, they were swans.  Now that was even stranger as I have never seen them in this area of the river before.  I quickly did a U-turn, parked and tried my best to sneak up to get a better vantage point.  Boy these are some cagey birds.  I had to settle for four birds in flight.


Chesney said...

another fabulous those water trails!

Lorri said...

Wonderful action shot and a perfect capture for the theme.

Merryn said...

I love this shot. Such magnificent birds.

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done. Great capture.