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April 16, 2010

106 - 04.16.10 - Dirty Dish Blessings

Blessing come in all shapes and sizes these day.  As I was starting at my sink of dirty dishes, I couldn't help but feel gratitude.  Not for the dishes them selves but for them being dirty.  Being dirty meant that I had been blessed to have food in my house and my family and myself had eaten.

I stood thinking of all that has happened in the world, everything that others have had to face just since this year started. 

Yes, I am truly blessed and it took a sink of dishes to remind me just how much.
Disclaimer: Today was devoted to cleaning the fridge out. Ü


Chesney said...

I love your positive outlook...this truly is a blessing! said...

I like the tight composition on this.

Merryn said...

Great angle and DOF. Keep up with the positive thoughts, its working!