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April 12, 2010

100 - 04.10.10 - Bad Lighting Fast Action

Just another bad photo of what not to do with bad lighting and fast action.


Chesney said...

Oh, but another fun behind is hurting for that cowboy! :) I better explain that one, looks like one bumpy ride! LOL

RRosen said...

I like it. A few weeks ago I went to an exibit in Boston. It was of the old Combat Zone. The prints were selling for $2000. One had been published in one of the artists books. It was of a stripper in motion and out of fucus. I said to my wife..."maybe I should have kept some of my throw aways.

I love this shot and I see you are also a social commentator.

Merryn said...

Goes to show why you should never delete what you think is a bad photo. I actually like this.