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March 31, 2010

90 - 03.31.10 - Green With Envy

Outside my window... it's snowing again.  Can you believe it?  Here it is the last day of March and
it's snowing.  March came in like a lion and is leaving the same.  Gosh how I would love to have springtime.
I am thinking... that I really should  go and get my hair trimmed.  I have been saying that for almost a month now but I have yet to act on it.
I am thankful for... the simple life that I have.  Been blessed with so much that I don't know where to start counting.
From the kitchen... the dishes are done. But the floor could use a good washing.
I am wearing...
A red turtle neck, something I seldom do.  Coupled with a polar vest and my favorite blue jeans.  Oh and my comfy black socks.  That's enough on the details.
I am creating... or should I say I am finishing up on some photo session photos. Long over due but boy these things take time to get right.
I am going... to the store to pick up some much needed supplies.  Oh how I hate shopping.
I am reading...
The Adobe Photoshop CS4 book by Scott Kelby.  
Someday I will have this memorized.
I am hoping... that spring will finally come and I can start some yard work
I am hearing... robins chirping outside my window.
Around the house... it is deathly quiet.  How I wish the grandkids would come and make some noise.
One of my favorite things... for today is it's Wednesday.  Ya!
A few plans for the rest of the week:
1.  get another quilt top done
2.  get 3 photo sessions done
3.  clean up my desk

Today's picture
Right Side Up or Down
 Can't tell if it's upside down or right side up or just a bad focus.  Trees reflecting in the lake.  My only wish that would have made it better is, that it had been fall.  Take a photo of something reflecting, turn it upside down and see what happens.


Ron a.k.a. Danudin said...

Looks right way up to us "Down Under" Great image, a veritible masterpiece water colour, (Get it?)

Chesney said...

Love your reflection masterpiece...awesome!

HealBalanceLive said...

Great colors in this one!

Shannon Joy said...

Love the texture.

Sue said...