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February 14, 2010


I try to find a place that I can be alone when I am reading.  What am I reading today?  The Good Word, what else beings how it's Sunday. 
50mm f/2.8 @ 1/500 800ISO forgot to lower it.
So many lessons to learn.  Hard to be everything, peacemaker, meek, merciful. . . . all the time.  It's a work in progress  and every day gives me a new chance to improve.    Thanks goodness.


Anonymous said...

Nice shot, Barb. I like the contrast provided by the pen and bookmark.

BobbieCoughlin said...

You highlighting with the handwritten notes and the highlighter pen in the photo make this personal.

Anonymous said...

I too like the highlighting and handwritten notes. Gives this photo a more intense and personal feeling.

Anonymous said...

I agree that you have made this image personal. The bookmark rpovides a nice bit of color.

Chesney said...

Love this...the handwriting and the highlighting draws us into your readings and makes us yearn to know what the lesson of the day is....very cool perspective!

Clara said...

The print is very clear and detailed. The highlighted print is a wonderful touch. The highlighter and the red ribbon add that needed touch of color.