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January 23, 2010


Trying to rescue some lost and forgotten cattle in the high, snowy, cold, only for snow machine area.
My YouTube video of today find.

Want to keep up to date on the animal rescue?  I will be posting more videos of Mondays rescue on YouTube.  You can follow the links via my blog, right her.  Should be very interesting to say the least.


terricreates said...

Poor things, what they must be thinking. How wonderful someone could help, bet they were hungry too. How far was the walk to lesser snow? Or were they going to try and remove them? Great pictures too. Glad it worked out for them.

Anonymous said...

Those guys look frozen...what a way to capture the rescue how these images tell a story!

Unknown said...

We wont have them home till Monday if all the sleds, equipment and people work. Suppose to have more storms roll in and that means more snow. They keep moving up higher and we never know where we will find them or if the wolves, ya wolves, will have gotten them. I will be glad when this is all over.

Erin Gizzie said...

Oh, I hope you guys are able to get them tomorrow! Poor things!

Clara said...

I watched your video and I was very touched by what you are doing. It's so sad to see them out there all alone. Thanks for what you are doing.